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Posted on 08-02-2013

When most people think about chiropractic care, they think of bones that are out of place that are causing their lower back pain, neck pain or headaches.  This is what chiropractors call a subluxation.  While misalignment is part of the problem, there are actually four parts to the subluxation which we describe as the 4 D's.  The first D is Dys-Kinesia.  This is the physical part that we see which includes the misalignment, but more importantly, causes a loss of movement in those joints.  The decreased movement actually leads into the next 3 D's, which are the nerve changes that accompany misalignment and fixation.  Dys-Afferentation is the second D and is a change in the input reaching the brain through the nerves and spinal cord.  The brain perceives this change in input as stress and activates the sympathetic nervous system, also know as the fight or flight response.  If the stress is not removed, our body stay in a state of sympathetic overdrive, which is the third D called Dys-Autonomia.  Finally, constant stress coming into the brain leads to constant stress going out, called Dys-Ponesis.  This literally means errors in energy output and leads to imbalances in muscle tone and coordination.  So in order to truly correct the problem, we must address all of these factors and restore not only proper alignment, but proper nervous system function resulting in symptom relief and improved overall health.

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