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Posted on 05-01-2013

The Nervous System is the master system of the body and controls every single function that occurs in that body.  Our heartbeat, muscle control, digestion, immune function, blood pressure are all controlled and processed by the nervous system.  Normally the body is a self healing and self regulating organism.  By that I mean if we cut our hand, it will begin to heal without us telling it to do so.  These functions are, as we already mentioned, controlled by the nervous system.  So, if there is interference with our nervous system due to stress (what we call a subluxation), the body's ability to heal and self regulate will also be affected leading to a state of abnormal function we call dis-ease.  If left uncorrected, dis-ease will eventually turn into disease and we begin to experience pain and other symptoms that go along with it.  This is why it is so important that people get checked by a chiropractor to see how there nervous system is working.

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